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  • Learn 4 complete arrangements
  • Each section clearly explained
  • Phrase by phrase detail
  • Played slowly on split screen
  • Score/Tab download
  • Online - yours forever


This is a very detailed video lesson with comments on all the minutia of the arrangement. Every section of the song is clearly explained in all its passages, then played very slowly on a split screen so you can see both hands at once. 
Also included is a full score / tab of the music. 
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I Heard it Through the Gravevine  
Marvin Gaye sang like an angel! Alberto captures this expressiveness, both using the same refined lines and also the rough sweetness of his attitude. Very close attention was focused on building a bass line that works, very close to the original but appropriate for the "fingerstyle transformation" of the song.You got to keep it snappy, grooving. Harmonics impersonate the breathy vocals of the female background singers while the bass keeps the groove riff going.
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You Can't Hurry Love 

What a happy uplifting song! The key is to get a good groove! An alternating bass reminiscent of Chet Atkins was perfect for most of the song. Alberto uses a tiny bit of percussion on the guitar to capture the original bass groove. Being an up-tempo tune, a few blues licks are added to give an electric guitar feel. Harmonics are introduced in the chorus to replicate the background vocals of the Supremes.
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How Sweet it is (to be Loved by You)

This arrangement is based primarily on James Taylor's cover of Marvin Gaye's original version. Alberto replicates Taylor's tenderness and subtleties of his voice with embellishments, slides and legatos.
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My Girl 

This song has a killer guitar riff! You can't loose it in the arrangement. Alberto starts only with the riff and bass and then blends the riff with the bass part leaving room for the melodic vocals. As for all Motown vocal parts it's full of subtleties and the arrangement preserves these.
"Alberto's arrangements are rooted in the style of the great Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel but also influenced by the 1950's big band sound. His arrangements of American and Italian classics, show the inventive harmonic movements from those great arrangers and composers of the times."

TABS and Score
split screen slow play
very detailed explanation


The italian ace deploys his immense technique to serve the song, not the reverse
Pete Prown - Vintage Guitar Magazine
Alberto Lombardi’s debut solo project titled ‘Birds’ is a joy…a wonderful recording.. a very impressive and creative guitarist
Bill Piburn - Fingerstyle Journal

Alberto Lombardi

Guitarist, Producer, Artist
Italian virtuoso guitarist Alberto Lombardi is an internationally renowned acoustic solo fingerstyle and electric rock player, record producer and teacher. Has Toured all over the world, played with some of the most influential guitarists of our time, with the likes of Tommy Emmanuel and Peter Finger He's also been teaching for 30 years and released Instructional videos for various publishers like Stefan Grossman.  
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