With Alberto Lombardi
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DCLS 1 - Pentatonics

  • Learn ALL Pentatonic Scales (for good)
  • See them on the fretboard FAST
  • Build a solid foundation for all scales and modes
  • Practice with a REAL BAND on video
Introducing my improvisation course:

DCLS (diesels) 

Still struggling to see scales on the fretboard?

That's because you don't need just the boxes but an effective system that allows you to know what scale to use and to see it quickly wherever on the fretboard.

Stop using 4 notes on the same 2 boxes! 
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DCLS is a complete modular system that makes it easy to see scales at a glance on the guitar.
Building on the CAGED idea but making it more effective, especially on minor scales, modes and key changes.
DCLS part 1 is focusing on pentatonics, but builds the foundations for major scale and modes.


All Backing tracks for this course are played on video by a 4 piece band! You can practice while you watch the video, it would feel like you're actually playing with 4 pro musicians, including me. 
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Check out one of the backing tracks!!

Here's why DCLS works.

To be a fluent improviser you need 3 things 

  • Know what scales to use in various situations
  • Be able to see them fast on the fretboard
  • Have the technique to express yourself  

My "Diesels" system will not only help you memorise the scale boxes, but also see them at a glance on guitar.

It builds on the CAGED idea, but makes it better:

  • fixes its bugs on minor scales (like pentatonics)

  • works with all scales, including modes 

  • All scales use the same system 

It's modular, so you will only need 10 boxes to build all scales! 

This is the first part of the full DCLS improvisation course and is dedicated to pentatonics.

Throughout this course you will discover :

  • Minor, Major and Blues Pentatonic scales
  • How to easily see ALL the boxes on the fretboard
  • When and how to use them 
  • The DCLS (diesels) system, that improves the CAGED approach, especially with minor pentatonics
  • How to connect different boxes
  • How to learn ALL the boxes, not only the few ones and parts you are familiar with
  • Build correct foundations for more complex scales, including modes. 

  • Practice on REAL BAND backing track videos!


What does DCLS mean?

DUAL CAGED LAYERED SYSTEM - and it's pronounced Diesels

What is DCLS?

DCLS it's a complete improvisation system that starts from pentatonic scales and works its way up to modes. It's an improvement of the CAGED system. There are a few areas where CAGED is a bit uneffective, especially on minor scales and DCLS fixes that. But unlike CAGED, DCLS is designed to work with modes as well.
It's modular, so you will have only 10 basic boxes, and everything else will build on these just by changing a few notes. 
This is unique and speeds up the process of understanding scales and modes, recognising them on the fretboard and learning their sound. 

Is it better than CAGED? 

CAGED has limits, especially in minor keys. The Diesels system builds on CAGED but improves its effectiveness, making finding pentatonics, major and minor scales, including modes...a piece of cake. 

I know the pentatonic scale, why should I take this course?

It is possible that you know the pentatonics but not as in depth as you would with this system.
It is quite common to use only a couple of boxes and not even across all strings. Sometimes you feel like you're using always the same few notes in the same 2 boxes. 
Furthermore DCLS is a modular approach, and learning or re-learning the pentatonics this way will build solid foundations to move up to major keys/scales and modes. 
In the end with just 5 minor and 5 Major reference boxes you will cover almost ALL used scales. 

What are part 2, 3 etc going to be ? 

Part 2 will be about the major Scale. You will learn all the boxes but more importantly how to know in what key you are in so you can improvise properly. Also it will deal with common key changes and modulations. 
Part 3 will be about modes. The DCLS system is great with modes, let's say it makes them as easy as pentatonics..to memorise and as usual to see on the fretboard. Modes is where the DCLS system really shines! 
Part 4 Will be about more complex scales, like modes from the melodic minor, altered scales and superimpositions of pentatonics and triads. 

When are the next parts going to be released? 

Hopefully progressively within next winter !

If I buy part 1 now will I have a discount on the next parts? 

The full course will be eventually available as a bundle. 
But as an early customer you will have a discount to future parts that is an even better deal than the bundle price. 

DCLS 1- Pentatonics 

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