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  • Learn how modes are really used
  • Find them FAST in all keys, on all the fretboard
  • Learn what modal progressions are
  • Practice with a REAL BAND in video
  • No new scale boxes, easy with DCLS

Struggling to use modes?

Most modern music is modal, from rock and pop to fusion and modern blues. Many musicians know how modes are created, but have a hard time using them on chord progressions.
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Finally make sense of MODES ! 

Modes are powerful and really easy!

And if you know pentatonics and major scales you already have the tools to play them. 

  • Some people learn modes as new scales
  • Some people play the scale the mode comes from 

Neither of these approaches work! The first is too complex, the second is too slow and derivative. And both don't sound modal in the end.  

DCLS will transform something you know very well - the pentatonic - into a beautiful sounding mode. Just using an improved caged system and 10 scale boxes in total. 

You will learn:

  • What modes are 
  • How to use them in real life
  • How to find them easily on the fretboard 
  • Play them in context (Rock, pop, blues, fusion)
  • Modal chord progressions 
  • Modal changes
  • Easy 10 boxes DCLS system
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  • 16 Video Backing tracks with a 4 piece band! 
  • Practice while you watch the video
  • Feels like you're jamming with 4 pro musicians
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Here's one of the backing tracks

Why DCLS works

To be a fluent improviser you need 3 things:

  • Be able to see scales fast on the fretboard
  • Know what scales to use on different chord progressions
  • Have the technique to express yourself  

My "Diesels" system will not only help you memorize the scale boxes and know which scale goes where, but also to see them at a glance on guitar.

10 boxes for all scales

You want a single simple system for all your scales.

DCLS improves the CAGED system and combines it with pentatonics and major scales to map the whole diatonic fretboard. 

So with 10 boxes and a simple system you will cover Pentatonics, major scales and modes.

All 3 essential sounds of modern improvisation clearly visible and interconnected on the fretboard. 


  • Master Modes 
  • Learn how they're used in modern music
  • Discover modal progressions
  • Learn modal interchange / mixture
  • More than 4 hours of video 
  • 29 step by step lessons
  • 16 video backing tracks with a real band
  • Downloadable PDF with support material 
  • Clear explanation of all concepts
  • Innovative and easy DCLS (diesels) approach
  • Online - yours forever


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The DCLS approach works best when you take it from the start!

Even if you know pentatonics and major scales, you might want to solidify your foundations and apply the system to easier concepts first.

Brush up major and minor pentatonics on Part 1 and master major scale and key center approach on part 2

DCLS 1-2-3

  • 3 full improvisation courses!
  • DCLS 10 boxes only, easy approach
  • Huge bundle discount


Although I'm sure you'll get a lot of value out of these courses, you can have your money back if you're not satisfied. Just send us an email within 30 days 
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Don't just take my word for it

Lovely students, lovely words.
Alberto's DCSL 1 - Pentatonics Course is very straightforward & digestible.  I wish I'd had these handy & dynamic insights at my disposal 56yrs. ago!  It would have saved me a lot of floundering. 

Mark S.

Saint Louis (USA)
I first found Alberto's lesson on "Little Wing". It was a great lesson!... I would not hesitate to recommend any of his instructional videos. 

Bill W.

"The courses are REALLY GREAT! I learned with much ease because the teaching style is very thorough. And I love the arrangements, to me it's like being at a concert! 


Alberto is not only a masterful guitar player, but also a wonderful teacher. What stands out is his systematic approach, paying attention to the details, and presenting the material in a very accessible way. Lessons are structured cohesively and designed in the right volume to ensure steady progress without overwhelming the learning experience. 


Los Angeles (USA)
I have known the Minor Pentatonic scales for years, but have never been able to make them sound any good until I went through your course DCLS. The backing tracks are fantastic! I continually go back to them and try new things!

John T.

The lessons are not only informative but also engaging... incredibly helpful, especially for a beginner like me. I've made significant progress in a short time, and that's largely thanks to a perfect balance between being clear and patient. 

Alon M.

I love the guitar courses I registered for.. The split screen is very helpful.I am a better guitarist, thanks to your guitar courses.. A fantastic arranger of various genres for the guitar.

Jimmy H.

Il metodo DCLS offre un’ulteriore punto di vista su argomenti spesso trattati in modo troppo “scolastico”. Ciliegina sulla torta le basi in tutte le chiavi suonate dal vivo.

Riccardo B.



I know Modes, but I don't know how to use them. Will this course help me?

Many great players understand where modes come from, but not how they're actually used. 
This course aims exactly at solving this problem. 
Modes are easy and fun! No need for more scale boxes, you just need Pentatonics and Major scales.

Really only 10 boxes I already know?

All you need is 5 pentatonic Boxes and 5 Major Scale boxes. 
All that changes is the angle. 
But you have to have an easy system that provides that angle fast. 
That is. where my DCLS system shines!

But I know what a mode is!

  • It is possible that you know how modes are constructed, but not how they're used in real life. 
  • Modes are just a perspective on the major scale, but that is the good and the bad news. If you play the notes from C major how is it different from playing D dorian or G mixolydian? DCLS teaches you just that! 
  • Learning Modes with DCLS also helps you visualize Modes fast on the fretboard
  • Shows you what modal chord progressions are, therefore how modes are used for composition in actual songs. 
  • Explains how to deal with Modal key changes, which do happen
  • Also DCLS course helps you play on all the fretboard, on all the strings, in all common keys. 

I know Pentatonics and Major scales, can I just start from Modes?

DCLS is a modular approach, and learning or re-learning Pentatonics and major scales this way will help you a great deal to learn modes on the fretboard. The full course is available as a complete bundle HERE.

Nonetheless if you have a very strong knowledge of the Pentatonic scales, diatonic harmony, harmonic analysis and major scales all over the fretboard, DCLS part 3 provides a full recap of the system and you can start directly here.  

What does DCLS mean?

DUAL CAGED LAYERED SYSTEM - and it's pronounced Diesels

What is DCLS?

DCLS it's a complete improvisation system that starts from pentatonic scales and works its way up to modes. It's an improvement of the CAGED system. There are a few areas where CAGED is a bit uneffective, especially on minor scales and DCLS fixes that. But unlike CAGED, DCLS is designed to work with modes as well.
It's modular, so you will have only 10 basic boxes, and everything else will build on these just by changing a few notes. 
This is unique and speeds up the process of understanding scales and modes, recognising them on the fretboard and learning their sound. 

Is it better than CAGED? 

CAGED has limits, especially in minor keys. The Diesels system builds on CAGED but improves its effectiveness, making finding pentatonics, major and minor scales, including modes...a piece of cake. 

What are part 1 and 2 about? 

Part 1 is about the Pentatonic Scale, Major an Minor. You also learn the basic of the DCLS approach to fretboard visualization.
Part 2 is about the Major Scale and teaches you to analyze chord progressions, recognize keys and key changes. 
Part 4 Still in the works, when released will be about more complex scales, like modes from the melodic minor, altered scales and superimpositions of pentatonics and triads. 

Will I have a discount if I want to get the full course? 

Certainly! The full course is available as a complete bundle HERE. But if you prefer to start with just this part, and then decide to purchase the entire course bundle you will have a proportionate, substantial discount! 


Get the single course


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